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The Aztec Sapphire

Here is something simply marvelous.

2 of Cape Town’s freshest finest come together and press their musical fun bits against each other and out comes a gem, something altogether new but bearing features of both parents.

Youngsters The Aztec Sapphire have found their recent single, The Instinct of Boyhood, redreamed by musical mad genius Nicolaas van Reenen, who performs and produces under the title of Fever Trails.

wave crusher

This collaborative release between South African musican Spoek Mathambo and American rapper Shamon Cassette is something the new duo see as a mini-album where we focussed on having fun rapping.

The two musical talents rework (this isn’t Spoek’s first mixtape) and flip tracks from Queen to Flume to Unknown Mortal Orchestra to Charlie XCX, in what they have dubbed is a “love letter to the original adventurous spirit of hip-hop.”


1. Wave Crusher” (original Mr. Carmack Hopscotch)
2. “Joaquina Beach” (original production from Spoek)
3. “Game Extrapulation. Match Point” (original Fu*k Buttons The Red Wing)
4. “My Mind Is In The Clouds” (original Pixies Where Is My Mind)
5. “Go On Dance” (original Flume Star Eyes)
6. “Bicycle” (original Unknown Mortal Orchestra From The Sun & Queen Bicycle)
7. “Cardboard Castle” (original Inc. The Place)
8. “The Atom Strikes” (original Charli XCX Nuclear Season & Peter Tosh Nuclear War)
9. “Fire & Smoke” (original production from Halp & Acre)

Click here to download this mixtape, gratis.

See track artwork by Otto Splotch.

Bicycle - Otto Splotch - Wave Crush Cardboard Castele - Otto Splotch - Wave Crush The Atom Strikes - Otto Splotch - Wave Crush

grizzly bear listen and waitIt’s been just over a year since Grizzly Bear released their beautiful 4th album, and little over a month since we enjoyed the first track, ‘Will Calls’, from the ‘Shields: Expanded’ and ‘Shields: B-Sides’ releasing on 12 Nov.

The band from Brooklyn once again create their bold and visceral soundscapes, a wall of sound wading in murky depth, expanded breadth and lofty heights. If you haven’t yet, listen to ‘Will Calls’ before moving onto the new single, ‘Listen and Wait’ below.



Jimmy Nelson - Tribes

Jimmy Nelson set out to find and photograph the remaining indigenous tribes of the world. The result is a beautiful collection of human beings, and a bleak reminder that one of the most cross-cultural inventions by humans has been the gun.


Salamander Sun

South African band Wild Eastern Arches have released the first single – Seven Day Itch – off their enchanting sophomore release entitled Salamander Sun.

The single is an apt introduction to the rest of the upcoming album, revealing a band more sure of themselves as individual musicians and as a unit, a fact which is increasingly apparent with each live show.

The album also serves as a triumph for independent artists in South Africa, with the band recording the album with the the oracle of the local independent recording scene, Johnny Tex, assisted by the growing talent of his protege Warren Ellis, both of The Future Primitives. The artwork for the album is a fresh design by the band’s drummer, Jack Walsh, once again proving that DIY is the the only way forward for the modern day free artist.

PackshotLa Femme released their debut album ‘Psycho Tropical Berlin‘ earlier this year and it is one of the finest debut releases we’ve heard in a long time.

Jump on the train and follow the killer in their bizarre new music video for the up-tempo bass-throbbing single ‘Packshot’.

We’ll be releasing the list of our favourite albums of 2013 soon, and you’ll be sure to find this LP right up top.