david gabriel corpse summer romance 2013 album artThe lad you see above in the album cover for David Gabriel Corpse’s debut solo album Summer Romance, is none other than a young David Gabriel Thorpe (of Beach Party and Gateway Drugs). Look at that kid, he’s charmed you already; he’s got you wrapped and whipped. Although, that self-same confident face also appears reserved,  melancholic but hopeful. I think maybe that kid wrote this album.

The collection of 7 piano-driven pop tracks are made up of 4 full songs and 3 ‘ludes, filled with full-blooded hooks of an optimistic despair, written and performed by our faithfully disheartened angel, Mr. Corpse, David Gabriel Corpse.

You can stream it below and purchase it at Bandcamp.

wave crusher

This collaborative release between South African musican Spoek Mathambo and American rapper Shamon Cassette is something the new duo see as a mini-album where we focussed on having fun rapping.

The two musical talents rework (this isn’t Spoek’s first mixtape) and flip tracks from Queen to Flume to Unknown Mortal Orchestra to Charlie XCX, in what they have dubbed is a “love letter to the original adventurous spirit of hip-hop.”


1. Wave Crusher” (original Mr. Carmack Hopscotch)
2. “Joaquina Beach” (original production from Spoek)
3. “Game Extrapulation. Match Point” (original Fu*k Buttons The Red Wing)
4. “My Mind Is In The Clouds” (original Pixies Where Is My Mind)
5. “Go On Dance” (original Flume Star Eyes)
6. “Bicycle” (original Unknown Mortal Orchestra From The Sun & Queen Bicycle)
7. “Cardboard Castle” (original Inc. The Place)
8. “The Atom Strikes” (original Charli XCX Nuclear Season & Peter Tosh Nuclear War)
9. “Fire & Smoke” (original production from Halp & Acre)

Click here to download this mixtape, gratis.

See track artwork by Otto Splotch.

Bicycle - Otto Splotch - Wave Crush Cardboard Castele - Otto Splotch - Wave Crush The Atom Strikes - Otto Splotch - Wave Crush

17 year old Rome Gomez from Manilla has just released his debut single ‘Dance With Me’ with an accompanying B-side on Number Line Records from the Philippines.

While the two homespun, synth-driven tracks were written a couple of years apart (Gomez wrote and recorded “Dance with Me” when he was fifteen), they both highlight Gomez’s undeniable pop sensibility. 

Listen to the tracks below and make use of the name-your-price download option.

The Hollow Body - Johannine [2013]

South African musician Jonathan Velthuysen, who currently performs under the moniker The Hollow Body, has just released his debut album entitled Johannine.

The album is almost 3 years in the making and is loaded with heart-felt emotion and tales and trials of the heart and mind, wrapped up in beautiful acoustic guitar and polished with exquisite and lush guitar overlays.

As we’ve said before, this album is shatter and gather your heart, track for track.

The album is available as a free download over at Bandcamp – click here.

Below is the first single, Holly, released last week on 14 February.